Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Jewish Mother and Daughter Attacked by Anti-Israel Protesters in Upper East Side

A Jewish mother said she and her daughter were “violently” attacked by anti-Israel protesters who called her a “Nazi b–h” on Manhattan’s Upper East Side this week — and called on Mayor Eric Adams to get a handle on the demonstrations.

The 43-year-old mom, who asked to remain anonymous, said she was dropping off groceries at her apartment after returning from upstate on Monday when she and her daughter were surrounded by protesters.

“When I came back, she [her daughter] was in the middle of this chaos,” the mother told The Post Tuesday.

The Upper East Sider said when she took out her phone to start recording the chaos after checking in on her daughter, she was told she was a “Nazi b—h,” to which her daughter said, “We’re Jewish.”

“When they heard we were Jewish … they all came around my car and started screaming, ‘You murderous Jews,’ ‘Death to all you Jewish bastards,’ and [were] banging on my car,” she said in a phone interview.

The protesters also put stickers on her car and wouldn’t allow her to move her vehicle, all while chanting, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” and “Death to America,” among other things, she said.

“Those protesters are calling for violence, they’re calling for violence here in New York,” she said. “They are absolutely not calling for any kind cease-fire.

“They’re getting more and more dangerous and more and more violent.”

After being called a “Nazi b–ch,” the mother got into the car, where her daughter already was. The crowd of protesters began to swarm their vehicle, attacking it and screaming at them. A male protester even threw an apple at their windshield so hard, it nearly cracked it.

The mom, who said protesters were also attacking other cars, began honking and screaming at the demonstrators to move.

At one point, both the mother and daughter opened their doors, she said. She had asked the protesters to move while her daughter got out of the car to respond to the rude comments the protesters were throwing at her mother.

The police report indicates the daughter was “pulled” out of the car by the arm by a protester, but the mother said she couldn’t confirm if her 17-year-old was pulled out or got out herself as she was busy on the other side of the car.

Eventually, traffic cops came to their rescue and told the protesters to move on and leave the vehicle alone. Afterward, the mother-daughter duo drove off and called the police, who met them near the scene and escorted them to the 19th Precinct.

“The second they found out we were Jewish, they violently attacked us … they were looking to hurt me because I was Jewish,” the Yorkville mom said.

Although neither she nor her 17-year-old was injured, she’s doesn’t even want to think about how the incident might have played out if NYPD traffic cops hadn’t intervened and told the protesters to continue on their way and to leave their car alone.

The pair went to the 19th Precinct to report the incident as a hate crime and talked to detectives, who are investigating what the mother described as the “most horrible experience we’ve been through.”

Police confirmed two police reports were filed Monday and said the “incident is being investigated as a possible bias incident by the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force.” 

“There are no arrests and the investigation remains ongoing,” a spokesperson told The Post.

The mom, who wears a “Bring Them Home” necklace proudly, is calling on the mayor to protect the people of New York and support the NYPD to help corral the ongoing protests that have been taking place frequently across the city since Oct. 7, the day Hamas attacked Israel.

“Mayor Adams is doing absolutely nothing,” she criticized. “I don’t think Mayor Adams is protecting NYPD or New York residents. I don’t think he gives them what they need and he’s certainly not giving it to those of us living in this city in this chaos.

When contacted, the Mayor’s Office referred The Post to links to Adams’ previous statements on the protests. 

Adams said in late December that he doesn’t believe people should just be “able to take over our streets,” but said it was inevitable as the NYPD has to follow a new protest policy — which went into effect last September as part of a Black Lives Matter settlement — that forces officers to be “extremely more hesitant in actions that they would have carried out in the past to keep the peace.” 

Despite Adams’ words, the Upper East Side mom said people she’s talked to have nothing good to say about how the mayor is handling the protests, which happen weekly throughout the boroughs

“He’s doing nothing to help us.”

Although this is her first instance of antisemitism, she said her children have experienced it at school and that her daughter is “terrified.”

“I think it’s dangerous to let this go on … it has to come to an end,” she said. “We were in danger yesterday, this is a hate crime.”

The same protesters stopped outside Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, where patients were receiving treatment, to yell at them through the window, accusing them of having “complicity in genocide.”

They also protested outside Mt. Sinai Medical Center, a Starbucks and a McDonald’s, accusing the latter two of making “meals for genocide.”

“If we don’t stand up and fight against this hate, it’s going to be a very, very, very scary thing,” the Upper East Side mom told The Post. “They don’t even know what they’re fighting for, they’re just looking for violence.”

Three people were arrested at the protest, cops said. Adham Elsharkawi, 27, of Brooklyn was arrested and charged with making graffiti and possession of a graffiti instrument.

A 16-year-old was also arrested and charged with obstruction of governmental administration and disorderly conduct.

The third person, who was not named, was issued a summons for graffiti/unlawful possession of an indelible marker, police told The Post.