Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Texas Neo Nazis Hold Antisemitic Practice During Synagogue Hostage Siege

A group of masked protesters waved signs and yelled at traffic mid-day Saturday at the intersection of Crockett Road and E. Park Ave. Some waved Confederate flags, others held signs, some of which were antisemitic.

One signed stated, “Diversity kills white children.”The group also handed out pamphlets for “White Lives Matter.”

According to Palestine Police Chief Mark Harcrow, his office was notified of a group of protesters at Reagan Park around 12:30 p.m.

“We do believe that this group is not local and traveled to Palestine,” Harcrow said. “We do not believe any of the group members were of our community.”

Harcrow said officers went to Reagan Park and made contact with the group, informing them that they needed to stay out of the park grounds for their protest.

Officers remained on the scene, monitoring the group, which disbanded around 1 p.m. Despite their messages of hate, no violence was reported in conjunction with the groups’ protest.

“I am sorry that the good people of Palestine had to witness the display of ignorance and hate that showed up in town today,” Mayor Dana Goolsby said. “I could hear concern, anger and fear in people’s voices as they called about masked protesters, and I knew I needed to see what was going on for myself. I did not recognize anyone involved in the display.”

After receiving reports from community members about the protesters, Goolsby decided to go check out the situation. She said she spoke to the group and asked them to please reconsider what they were doing and leave.

“We appreciate our citizens for remaining calm and handling this difficult situation with such professionalism,” Harcrow said. “Hate has no place in our community.”