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Medical Student Avoids Jail Time After Making a Nazi Salute on a Flight from Poland to London

A British man, Louis Mann, who engaged in a tirade of racial abuse punctuated by Nazi salutes while on a flight from Poland in Oct. 2019 has avoided a jail sentence.

Mann, 28, had travelled from Warsaw in Poland to Liverpool in England when he spouted the horrific rant in front of Holocaust victims, the UK newspaper Metro reported.

Liverpool Crown Court was told how Mann was a medical student studying in Poland, had mental health difficulties and had been groomed by far-right extremists.

Prosecutor Zillah Williams said: “The defendant was a passenger on a Wizz Air flight from Poland, Warsaw, to Liverpool on October 19, 2019. The flight arrived at Liverpool John Lennon Airport at 5.37pm.”

She said the offense for which Mann was charged took place when the flight had landed in Liverpool. “The flight was full and passengers reported that during the flight Mr Mann had had to be repeatedly asked to sit down, to fasten his seatbelt and to refrain from making rude and offensive gestures,” Williams explained.

Mann then began what was described to the court as a “tirade of racial and religious abuse by words and gestures.”

“He was standing in the aisle of the flight making a Nazi salute and was shouting: ‘Anglo-Saxon race, we are superior,’” Ms Williams said.

Mann was shouting abuse about “Jewish n__ lovers” and “Slavic race traitors.” Even after police boarded the plane at Liverpool, the abuse continued during Mann’s arrest.

As Mann was transported to the custody suite, he told one of the arresting police officers, “You’re alright, you’re Aryan.”