Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Confederate Flag Tied to Door at New York’s Museum of Jewish Heritage

A Confederate flag discovered tied to the door of the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Manhattan on Friday prompted widespread condemnation across New York — and promises of a swift reaction from city and state law enforcement.

The flag — a Civil War emblem of the South that has more recently been adopted by white nationalists and other extremist groups — was attached to an entrance to the museum, which has a vintage train car in front of it that was once used to transport men, women, and children to Auschwitz and other Nazi death camps.

The flag was placed there sometime overnight and discovered in the morning, museum officials said.

“We have filed a police report and are working with authorities to identify the individual or individuals responsible for this crime. This is an atrocious attack on our community and on our institution and must be met with the swift and forceful response by law enforcement,” said Jack Kliger, president and CEO of the Museum of Jewish Heritage — a Living Memorial to the Holocaust.