Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Israeli Reporter Called “Yid”, Harassed by White Supremacist on Capital Hill

DC Rally

A pro-Trump protester confronted and harassed a reporter for the Israeli Channel 13 news during the riots at the US Capitol in Washington, DC on Wednesday.

The protester, referred to as Marc, can be seen in a broadcast by the news channel asking the reporter why Israel “continues to take American aid,” to which the reporter responded, “very good question,” and stressed that he does not represent the country.

Marc then barged in front of the camera, shouting “I’m gonna get in your face now and I’ll tell you why, yid (a term for Jew),” and asked the reporter, “What is a goy?” The reporter replied that he didn’t know and the protester called him “lying Israeli” and said he was “playing the pilpul game.”

“Pilpul” is a term used to refer to analytical or hairsplitting discussion, usually in the context of Talmudic study. The term “goy” literally translates to “nation” and is sometimes used to refer to non-Jews.

The protester proceeded to turn to people nearby, saying, “You’re all goy. Goy are cattle.”