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Dossier Reveals More Antisemitic, Terror Supporting Tweets from UC Merced Professor


A new report has revealed more antisemitic tweets from UC Merced Professor Abbas Ghassemi.

The conservative website Washington Free Beacon reported on January 5 that the Stop Antisemitism.org watchdog has compiled a dossier on Ghassemi’s tweets. Among them included a retweet hailing the Iranian Shiite terror proxy Hezbollah as “protector of our goals” and a tweet referring to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as “Pimp-eo” and a “criminal thug. Nothing you say will change that, not $$$ from petro-monkeys support for Zionists and IsraHell…. You are nothing and soon will join the trashcan of history!!!”

Another Ghassemi post highlighted by the Free Beacon included him tweeting in December, “The little Zionist puppies were many times on the same page with the criminal Americans, but now with the election of Biden, they will go out of their holes to kiss the feet of their masters.”

Stop Antisemitism.org tweeted, “Hey @ucmerced Abbas Ghassemi doesn’t just hate Jews- he hates America and idolizes Iranian ayatollahs and Hezbollah!  Fire him ASAP!”

StandWithUs also highlighted in a January 5 letter to the university that some of Ghassemi’s other tweets included him quote-tweeting a post that denied that Iran ever had a nuclear weapons program; Ghassemi accused the United States of “doing criminal acts under this cover is prescribed from the Zionist masters!” Another tweet from Ghassemi states that “claiming to be a Jew in the west gives them media attention!” and another states “Love it” in response to a tweet claiming that “the end of the Zionist regime is near” with a photo of a large Jewish Star of David in a cemetery.

Jim Chiavelli, Assistant Vice Chancellor of External Relations at the university, told the Journal that the university has no new information on the matter at this time. Ghassemi did not respond to the Journal’s request for comment.

On December 29th, the university announced that they will be investigating Ghassemi after a report from the Jewish News of Northern California (the J) highlighted some anti-Semitic tweets from his since-deleted Twitter account, including an image of “The Zionist Brain” featuring a “Holocaust Memory Centre” and a tweet stating that “the Zionists and IsraHell interest have embedded themselves in every component of the American system.” Ghassemi has hired a First Amendment lawyer to represent him in the matter, according to the J.