Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Nazi Flag Spotted Hanging in Residential Brooklyn Building

Nazi Flag Coney Island.jpg

A resident of Warbasse apparently put up a Nazi flag in their apartment in a spot that is easily visible from the outside.

City Council candidate Steven Patzer, who is running against Alec Brook-Krasny and Ari Kagan, pounced on the issue, writing the following on Facebook:

“In response to the Nazi flag that can easily be seen by locals in surrounding Warbasse Houses buildings, I have asked leadership at the Simon Wiesenthal Center and Warbasse Houses to send a letter to the resident to outline the history of the hate symbol in addition to being courteous to their neighbors. I have heard that Warbasse security already paid the resident a visit about this. Jews of all backgrounds fled from parts of Europe to escape the infiltration of Nazis from Germany whose goal was to imperialize and plunder surrounding nations and exterminate anything in their way.

“The only place I want to be reminded about that is in a classroom about fighting back against hate and anti-Semitism.This kind of anti-Semitic sentiment will not be tolerated and I will not stand by idly and pretend I did not hear about it. We are taking action. And a reminder to our neighbors, people can see into your homes if your window shades are up! People are watching.”