Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Chicago Art Institute Student Sues School Over Antisemitic Harassment

A master’s degree student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago has filed suit against the institution, claiming pervasive and severe antisemitic harassment and discrimination.

Steve Blonder with the law firm Much Shelist represents the student, identified only as Shiran. He said in one instance, Shiran and her peers were told to complete a school assignment by responding to images purportedly created by Palestinian children showing Israeli soldiers engaged in brutal violence.

Blonder tells WBBM the world is seeing more cases of antisemitism since the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war.

“It was always there, but post-Oct. 7 there’s been an increased awareness of what used to be behind closed doors,” he said.

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago released a statement to WBBM saying the school does not comment on pending litigation.  The school also said it has policies in place that prohibit discrimination, harassment and retaliation.