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Jewish Father and Young Son Assaulted in London by Antisemite

A Jewish man and his young son were assaulted in London while taking a walk, a local Jewish community watch group reported on Friday.

“A racist male unhappy with the child’s speed pushed the 1-yr-old shouting ‘Move F** Jew, I will stab & kill you’ before cutting the victim on his face/hand,” Shomrim Stamford Hill, which provides security and support to the local Orthodox Jewish community — one of the largest in Europe — tweeted on Dec. 30. The son, the group added, was also pushed to the ground.

The incident, for which the mother was present, is the latest in a spate of attacks on Jewish Londoners that have been occurring all year and peaked shortly after Halloween during what Shomrim described as a “hate crimes pandemic.”

Antisemitic hate crimes have been an ongoing problem in London all year. Earlier in December, an Orthodox Jewish woman in the Stamford Hill neighborhood of London was stalked and assaulted by an unknown perpetrator.

The suspect followed the woman, shouting “Dirty Jew,” and then snatched her shopping bag, “spilling her shopping onto the pavement whilst laughing,” according to Shomrim Stamford Hill, which provides security and support to London’s Orthodox Jewish community.

In another separate incident, a cab driver shouted “This is the last time I am taking Jews as you kill Muslims in Israel” at a “heavily pregnant” Jewish woman after picking her up from Homerton University Hospital.

In August, a woman wielding a wooden stick approached a Jewish woman near the Seven Sisters area and declared “I am doing it because you are Jew,” while striking her over the head and pouring liquid on her.

The next day, the same woman — described by an eyewitness as a “serial racist” — chased a mother and her baby with a wooden stick after spraying a liquid on the baby.

That same week, Shomrim said, three people accosted a Jewish teenager and knocked his hat off his head while yelling “f****** Jew.”

The Metropolitan Police Service recorded 534 antisemitic hate crimes between Jan. and Nov. 2022, with there were 45 in the month of November, according to the department’s latest data. Data for the month of Dec. is forthcoming.

Antisemitism also became major theme in the United Kingdom’s “national discourse” in 2021, according to a new report by Community Security Trust (CST), an English nonprofit that provides counsel and security services to British Jews.

“Negative media coverage of, or political comment on, Jewish related events may be entirely legitimate, fair, and in the public interested,” CST. “Nevertheless, those debates can encourage antisemites or cause concern to Jews. This is more likely if such commentary involves inflammatory language or the use of traditional antisemitic imagery, or appears to single out one particular object or individual for scrutiny due to their being Jewish.”

Source: https://www.algemeiner.com/2023/01/02/jewish-londoner-slashed-while-walking-with-wife-and-infant-child/