Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Crown Heights Shomrim Trying to Identify Teens Harassing Jewish Kids

Crown Heights Shomrim has released an alert for the Crown Heights Jewish community asking for help in catching three troublesome teens who went on a crime spree against Jews Sunday morning.

“Shomrim received multiple complaints regarding these three subjects accosting and attempting to rob Jewish kids,” Shomrim wrote on social media. “They stole 3 scooters that kids parked inside a local store. If you have any information or have been a victim of theirs, please call Shomrim at 718-774-3333 and help build a case.”

According to people familiar with the incidents, the group made their first known attempt on Albany Ave between Eastern Parkway and Lincoln when they accosted a young boy walking alone and attempting to steal his backpack. The theft failed after the fast thinking boy threw a cup of tea he was holding at them and ran away.

A second attempt at crime also failed for the troublesome crew until they came to Kahan’s Superette on Kingston Ave where three young Jewish boys had just stopped and parked their scooters. Quickly, the criminal teens snatched the boys scooters and made off.

Hours later Crown Heights Shomrim was informed of these incidents, and after putting them all together, arranged for police reports to be filed so that these troublemakers could face repercussions.

According to Shomrim, two of the incidents occurred in the confines of 71st Precinct and the other in the confines of the 77th Precinct.

If you recognize these teens or were a victim, reach out to Crown Heights Shomrim at 718-774-3333.