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Declares Victory!

We’ve closed the Petition to condemn USC International Studies Professor David Kang for equating millions of Israeli Zionists to terrorists and vow to continue the campaign to stop antisemitism on campus and beyond.

On October 26, 2017, at the University of Southern California (USC), International Studies Professor David Kang gave a presentation to his class about terrorism where a slide called “Who are terrorists?” equated “Israeli Zionists” to the likes of the “North Korea”, “Tamil Tigers”, “IRA” & other established terrorist groups in history. No radical Islamic countries or terror organizations such as Iran, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah or Hamas, made the list. You can view a copy of the presentation here.

By creating an equation between “Israeli Zionists” and terrorist groups, Professor Kang has abused his authority – teaching a mandatory class – and has created a hostile environment for Pro-Israel and Jewish students at USC. You can read more about the presentation was given by Professor Kang here and here.

As USC refused to condemn Professor Kang or to take any action on the matter. We encourage the community to sign the following petition as well as reach out to USC president, Max Nikias (, and to the USC Provost Michael W. Quick ( with your concerns. 12,000 people signed the petition so far.

View the original petition here.

Thanks to the public outrage and all the people who signed the petition, USC Professor David Kang released a statement that alleges he is “pro-Israel” and was misunderstood when he claimed that Israeli Zionists could be called terrorists by other people. While he paints himself as a victim, the USC senior administration, Professor Kang himself, and all of us who signed the petition know who the real victims were.

In his lecture, Kang didn’t explain his statement which led uninformed students – who don’t know much about the Jewish people’s aspiration for their own homeland in Israel or the Middle East conflicts – come to their own conclusions that millions of Israeli citizens residing around the world who believe Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people are terrorists.

In addition to condemning Professor Kang, the petition’s objective was to combat the indoctrination of college students by certain professors and holding such professors accountable to misguided lectures. Next time, Professor Kang will know better and act differently.

While many people in the Los Angeles Jewish community were silent and even came to defend Professor Kang, we commend the courageous USC students and the proud Zionists within the local and international community who spoke out against what happened at Professor Kang’s lecture hall.

No one should feel put down for believing that the Jewish people are entitled to their homeland in Israel. We are counting on all of you to pass along this important message by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.:

Please bookmark our website as we will continue to weed out more antisemitism on American campuses and beyond.

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